The following is a list of seller rules, regulations, commission schedule, other services and procedures for the Miscellaneous and Antique Auction.

Auction held First Sunday of the month at 12:05 pm. All merchandise unloaded for auction must be offered for auction at auction time. No private selling of merchandise between consignors and buyers. We have the right to reject any article to be offered for auction. No guns, gun parts or live ammunition are to be offered for auction. This includes BB, air, black powder, starter guns or any other type of gun or firearm. Toy guns may be offered such as cap guns or any other type of toy gun.  Consignor is responsible for the handling of merchandise at auction time. (Rep. Service available.) The handling of merchandise at auction time and treatment of your buying customers should reflect the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen property. Please, no parking in front of any door. Side and overhead doors operated by authorized personnel. No guarantee of selling time or auctioneer. Minimum opening bid – $5.00. 

Availability: First come first serve basis or reserved ahead. Most spaces are reserved in advance as spaces generally sell out several weeks in advance. Size: Most approx. 7 x 9 , some approx. 9 x 12& (Pickup load = 1 space, Van load = 2 spaces, bigger trucks = 3 to 4 spaces.) Rates: $4.00 to $6.00 per space. No refunds if spaces are forfeited.  Reserved Occupancy: Spaces must be occupied by reserving party by 7:00 AM Wednesday to avoid possible reissuing of spaces by  Auction, Inc. No refunds, subleasing or transferring of reserved spaces. Check office for start times, positions, specialized auctions and areas in building.

Year-round Unloading Hours:
Saturday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 5:30 AM – 8:00 AM
Off day unloading hours available, check office for rates and availability.


Park where directed or in a valid parking space. Check with auction personnel. You and your vehicle will be directed to your auction space. Unload in a timely fashion. Your vehicle will be directed out of the building by auction personnel. Do not move vehicle in building without assistance from Auction personnel.


Commissions are based on gross sales and lot averages

Gross Sales


 Entire Space Consignments 

$5,000 – and UP  25%

$2,000 – $4,999.99   30%

$1999 and Down 35%

Single Big ticket items outside

 $10,000  and Up  5%

$5,000 – $9,999.99  7.5%

$2,000 – $4,999.99   10%

$1999 and Down 15%

*1 Lot = A sale transaction regardless of how many items are in that lot.

10% with maximum $30.00/Lot


You as a seller have the right to no sale items or have items you want to offer with a reserve bid; however experience has shown us that a consignor that no sales items on a regular basis discourages buyers to purchase items from your consignment at that time or even in the future if you sell with us on a regular basis. We encourage you to sell all items to the highest bidder. Our no sale policy is this: You will pay regular commission on the last bid received with a maximum charge of $30.00 per no sale item. The no sale needs to be declared before the auctioneer drops the hammer and declares the item sold. Two ways of handling your reserved items:

1. Before the item goes up for auction, tell the auctioneer that you are selling the item with reserve, while not stating the reserve amount. Then let the bidding take its own course. Before the auctioneer sells the item the auctioneer will ask you yes or no. You either say yes it sells or no I can’t sell it.

2. You may state a bid on an item prior to the sale of the item. At that point the auctioneer will use your stated bid as the opening bid and ask the crowd for the next appropriate higher bid increment. If no one bids then the item will no sale at your stated reserve bid.



Table Rental – 8′ table = $5.00 6′ table = $3.00
Tables available day of setup.

Rep Service – Experienced help available. Check office for rep rates.

* Floor plans available on our Consignor Tip for Successful Selling sheet of information.


Every Saturday throughout the day until 4:30 pm, a staff member takes photos booths that are present that day for setup for Saturday auction. We then upload the photos to our page on for shoppers to preview the sale. You are also welcome to submit photos of your own. Simply email your listing information and photos to us by 12pm Tuesday, prior to your Sunday sale date. We will then post your information as quickly as we can to AuctionZip. Within the listing we will place, in order received, the photos and information you have sent us. Call 419-335-4444.

CONSIGNOR TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL SELLING  Display is critical: neat, attractive, organized and logical. Remember what can’t be seen, can’t be bought.  Follow a pattern when selling - left to right, front to back, end to end. Your crowd will stick if they can anticipate what’s coming.  Minimum opening bid accepted per item, per choice, per grouping of merchandise offered for auction will be a $5.00 opening bid. (Exception - When offering items by the piece x the count)  Group or gather small numerous items on trays or in pop flats. Extra boxes help your buyers stay as they cannot hold too much at once. Remember, minimum opening bid is $5.00, so group your smalls whenever possible.  Sell “Choice Out” whenever possible. This encourages bidder competition as well as multiple sales. It greatly improves sales pace and sheet average.  Honor “Requests” wisely. Remember it take at least 2 bidders for an auction. Either stage requests in an “on deck” area or sell choice of two or more requests.  Above all be positive. Nothing suppresses bidding more than whining, sarcasm, or negative comments. Be professional and keep smiling. Remember - what the bidder came for is to BUY!! Sell, Sell, Sell.  Don’t worry about the price of each individual piece. Figure your consignment’s potential as a whole. If you make money on the whole sale THAT’S WHAT COUNTS - THE BOTTOM LINE!  Don’t be afraid to ask your auctioneer’s advice - after all they’re working for you.  For a job well done, thanks your auctioneer and clerk. Thanks, and have a great sale!

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